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eidhak trading company is an ethiopian export company known by its authentic high quality spices, pepper and puls. weare in the export buisnes for the past five years. we have customers in diffrent states of america. we created abig name of quality. we also export quality ethiopian coffe in diffrent grades as requested by our customers. 

eidhak trading plc is a trust worthy company in its quality and on time delivery

Coffe Types


- yirgachefe

Yirgacheffe coffee is much sought after for its bright point citric acidity. It’s well-bodied, balanced cup of mocha combined with flowery, spicy elements and an array of fruity flavors gives it a layered and complex wheel of taste.

- sidamo

A wet-processed (washed) Ethiopian coffe best known for its rich, full body (mouthfeel), sweet and complex flavor, low acidity, floral aroma, and an finish that is bright and soft.

- harar

Ethiopian Harrar coffees can have a strong, dry edge, wine-like to fruit-like acidity, rich aroma, and are heavily bodied. In the best Harrar coffees one can observe an intense aroma of blueberries or blackberries.

wheel of taste.

- limu

Ethiopian Limu Coffee is distinguished by its well-balanced body and noticeable spicy flavors, fruits and citrus tones.  The extraordinary taste comes from growing next to bananas, cinnamon and tea plantations.

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